Griffith Child Care Centre Inc – through its early childhood services Dorothy Waide Centre for Early Learning and Griffith Central Preschool is committed to providing the best quality early childhood care and education for children and families within the Griffith and surrounding community.

We create an environment where children can become enthusiastic, inquisitive and challenged. Children are encouraged to follow their own interests; they become in a sense a catalyst for their own development.


Griffith Childcare Centre Inc, its Board and Educator Teams, would like to acknowledge the traditional custodians of the land which we share the Wiradjuri Nation. We respectfully acknowledge Elders past and Present. We also acknowledge the unique cultural heritage and the ways of knowing and being and how this provides us with a strong pedagogical guide that supports the best outcomes for all people.


Providing the best quality early childhood care through


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Griffith City Preschool

My son and our family is just new and recently started at Central Pre-school and we are so very pleased and happy since day one he had attended. 

He has so much confidence and is always looking forward to being at school.

 Thanks for your very energetic, confident, accommodating, friendly and always smiling staff. 

The ambience and atmosphere are very lively and welcoming for the kids which my husband and I love the most. 

Honestly, I never had a second thought the first time a left my son with your very caring staff. I have peace of mind knowing he is well taken care of.

 Keep up the excellent service and more power to your team’.

Cecillia & Luther

Dorothy Waide Centre

DWC has helped us raise our 3 boys, and we have been involved with the centre for the last 10 years.

The care, love, support and sense of community that the centre has given us and our children has nurtured them through their early years.

My children have all loved going to daycare every day to their ‘other family’! I can’t speak more highly of the teaching staff at the centre, and would highly recommend to anyone’


Griffith Central Preschool

GCP has provided my daughter with a beautiful start to her learning journey.

The approachable teacher has given her the best care and abundance of opportunity to learn not just textbook stuff but life long lessons of friendship, care and creative thinking.

I am so thankful of all the teachers and management for the work they do


Dorothy Waide Centre

We entrusted our twin girls into the Dorothy Waide family when they were 16 months old and were so impressed with how easily the girls adapted and instantly loved attending the centre. 

It was me who would be a crying wreck at drop off, the girls were more than happy to go off with the educators and find wonderful spots to play & other little people to interact with.  We feel that the girls have grown so much since being at the centre in terms of the way they interact with others & the way they see the world around them. 

All the educators we have come across, have been incredible and we have always found everyone to be open & honest with us at all times. 

We now look forward to continuing our journey with the Dorothy Waide Centre as the girls embark on their preschool learning experience at Griffith Central Preschool’ .





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