Griffith Central Preschool – Philosophy

Through its early childhood services Dorothy Waide Centre For Early Learning and Griffith Central Preschool; Griffith Child Care Centre Inc, is committed to provide the best quality early childhood care and education for children and families within the Griffith and surrounding community. Overall, we hope to create an environment where children can become enthusiastic, inquisitive and challenged. Children are encouraged to follow their own interests; they become in a sense a catalyst for their own curriculum.

Griffith Child Care Centre Inc does this by:

  • Creating an early childhood centre that values children’s learning and understands the critical nature of connection between families and early childhood educators in delivering the best experience for children.
  • Providing affordable, accessible and equitable care for families across the whole community.
  • Valuing child’s play as a critical learning principle that underpins practice.
  • Valuing quality environments and resources to stimulate and engage children and adults.
  • Providing a values based service.
  • Building strong, healthy families and communities.
  • Building confidence and self-esteem in individuals and communities.
  • Building community capacity.
  • Developing social networks for parents and children.
  • Exercising an advocacy role for children and families.
  • Developing individual potential.
  • Encouraging families to participate and be involved in the service.


This is articulated through the adoption of a set of values by staff and management of the centre that underpin purpose and practice.

These are:

  • Each child has the right to be an individual and to have their physical, intellectual, social and emotional needs catered for at all times.
  • Our care and child-centred early learning program are of the highest possible standard and reflect the latest knowledge and ideas.
  • The individuality of parents and families is respected, and our practice of care and education is appropriate to the child’s family situation.
  • Our practice respects and reflects the community’s aspiration’s for care and education of young children.
  • Our Centre is responsibly managed and the service provided is affordable within our community.
  • The individual needs of staff are respected and the Centre provides a supportive environment for their personal and professional needs.
  • When provided with appropriate opportunities children can become capable, resourceful, and resilient.
  • A connectedness with parents and families helps staff work for the benefit of each child.

Of significance is our acknowledgement and respect for our nation’s first people. Respect comes from understanding, and it is our aim to ensure our practices acknowledge the unique cultures of all peoples and to ensure that no one is disadvantaged while accessing our services. It is our aim to reflect each person and families unique culture within our day to day program, and find ways that celebrate this. Of particular note is that our practice will find ways to interweave aspects of Indigenous culture and practice within our program.

Griffith Central Preschool’s overall aim is to allow each child in our care to achieve their potential and to find ways to achieve this creatively.