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How long will it take to be offered a place?2020-09-04T13:24:14+10:00

When filling spaces we need to consider:

  1. The days that are vacant
  2. The age group of the vacancy
  3. Keeping a gender balance
  4. Our policies and protocols around enrolment
Will I receive a phone call to discuss my waitlist application? NO2020-09-09T10:18:32+10:00
  • Our form is designed to capture all the information that we require to place your child on our waiting list.
  • You are welcome to call, visit or email to see how your form is progressing. However, it is very difficult to advise how long it will take to place your child.
  • When a place is available, we will contact you via telephone. So please ensure your contact details are up to date
Do I need to put a new waitlist form in each year? NO2020-09-04T13:33:40+10:00
  • You will remain on our waitlist until your child has been enrolled, or until you advise us that you no longer require a position.
  • You do not need to fill out new forms, simply please contact us to update details or to changed preferred days.
  • After you are enrolled, you are also given the option to continue the following year.
Does Griffith Child Care Centre Inc offer subsidies? YES2020-09-04T13:35:14+10:00
  • For Griffith Central Preschool, we offer a subsidised rate that is prebuilt into our fee structure. This is in part to the current Start Strong Funding Model Guidelines.
  • You can claim a small subsidy back through Centrelink. This is called CCB for Registered Care. This can be claimed once you have paid your fee’s in full and have a certified receipt (on request)
  • Long daycare fees are subsidised through Centrelink as Child Care Subsidy. If you require more information, please speak to Centrelink.
Why do we ask if you are working, have a Health Care Card, Pension Card, are Aboriginal/Torres Strait Islander, or have a child w ith a disability or other difficulty?2020-09-04T13:37:18+10:00

We are required to follow the Priority of Access Guidelines, which are defined by the NSW Government Funding Agreements. In no particular order, these are:

  • Children who are at risk of harm
  • Aboriginal/Torres Strait Islander
  • Children from low-income families
  • Children from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds
  • Children with disabilities
  • Children in their year before school (The highest priority given to children closest to school entry)
  • Parents who are working full time, studying or attempting to return to the workforce

Griffith Child Care Centre Inc endeavors to meet the needs of the children and families in our community, whilst complying with the above guidelines. Our administrators welcome your questions and can expand on the information that is provided. Please feel free to ask for a tour of our center’s also.

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